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Young LadyIt is all to much for one young lady and she takes a welcome siesta as Trafalgar Square makes ready for the speeches and rhetoric. Jun 26, 2020
Mr Anthony Wedgewood BennMr Anthony Wedgewood Benn addresses the gathering. Jun 26, 2020
The Pavement ArtistOn the periphery of the protest the Metropolitan Police argue the point. The point in question is whether this gentleman is in fact a genuine pavement artist (Asking for money and using chalk or crayon to sketch on the pavement is legal) or whether is simply a beggar. (Begging is illegal) Another pavement artist had hurriedly given him some chalks as the police hove into view.Jun 26, 2020
Not Tried YetThis gentleman is a regular at protest and demonstrations, I have seen and photographed him on a number of occasions. He always has the same message, a novel message, a message that no one seems to have tried yet.Jun 26, 2020
Doesn't Mince His WordsHe certainly doesn't mince his words. I would have liked to have more time time to talk to this gentleman. To find out why his is so anti-U.S. And learn a little of his life story, but with the drift and thrust of the protest march is was all I could do to keep up. Jun 26, 2020
Meaning!Whether she knows the meaning of her placard or of the protest in general is debatable.Jun 26, 2020
The Arrival15:38 The protest arrives in Trafalgar Square. Almost in total silence, just the tramp of feet and few shouted slogans. The police are relaxed as a few photojournalists gather copy for tomorrows editions.Jun 26, 2020
The All CameContrary to some, not all the protesters were youths looking for trouble. People motivated by peaceful ideals and those not hoodwinked by popular hysteria carried banners and chanted anti-war slogans. Young, old, woman, men, girls, and boys they all came.Jun 26, 2020
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